Thank you for visiting my new website, I don't have all my pictures on yet, there will be more galleries added in time.  Everything takes time and I would much rather be in my shop making knives and tomahawks.  If you would give me a call or email I will be happy to discuss what I currently have available and any custom order you may want.

Home of Forest "Butch" Sheely's Beaver Creek Forge

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

I started bladesmithing and blacksmithing in 1982, after getting involved in re-enacting.  For the next twenty plus years I forged knives, tomahawks and various other items, mostly for re-enactors.  Five years ago I started bladesmithing and blacksmithing full time.  I take great pride in making the best knives and tomahawks that I can, starting with forging, grinding, and heat treating and including the hand sewn leather sheaths.

I joined the American Bladesmith Society in 2005, after attending a number of ABS hammer-ins in Michigan and Ohio.  In 2009 I was awarded my Journeyman rating from the ABS.  My long term goal is to achieve the Master Smith rating.

Most of the working knives that I make are forged from 5160, I also use 1084, 1095 and 52100.  The majority of the Damascus that I make is 1084 and 15N20.  I use only natural materials for handles, including wood, stag, antler, horn and bone.  I believe that the appearance and feel of natural materials fit the style that I make.

I have always enjoyed traditional style knives, axes and hawks.  I believe this goes back to how I got started in re-enacting.